Staking Program Information:

Dear Elhereum community,

Welcome to the Staking program! We are excited to have you on board. If you're wondering how to participate, it's quite simple. All you need is to meet the minimum balance requirement in your wallet, regardless of where your wallet is hosted, and deploy an Elhereum geth node to provide Elhereum services to the network. It's important that your node has port 39390 open publicly, which means you need a public IP address.

To ensure smooth operations, we have defined a minimum balance structure based on the block height:

For blocks greater than 100,000: deposit 10,000 ELH

Once you have your node's IP address publicly reachable and your wallet balance meets the minimum requirement, please log in or register here. You can then add your node's IP and ELH address. Our system will automatically verify if your validator is ready for payments, and you will start receiving rewards accordingly.

We kindly remind you that the program is currently in the testing phase. We expect full functionality to be available starting from block 200,000.

Happy staking, Elhereum community!