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Step 1.) Download and Install MetaMask Wallet

Step 2.) Open Network Settings

Step 3.) Click on 'Custom RPC'

Step 4.) Fill out Form:

Network Name: Elhereum


ChainID: 2323

Block Explorer:

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Elhereum is designed to handle a high volume of transactions, which makes it a suitable platform for building applications that need to handle large amounts of data. This can be particularly useful for decentralized applications that need to process a lot of data in real-time.


Proof of work for optimal security and decentralization. Decentralization and secure environment for every transactions and smart contract execution.


Safe, low-cost, and quick mechanism for delivering with the added benefit of being decentralized and immutable.

Proof of Work

POW is a consensus algorithm that uses computational power to validate transactions and create new blocks on the Blockchain.

Smart Contracts

Supports EVM (Elhereum Virtual Machine), allowing developers to create innovative and complex apps and other applications that use both on-chain and off-chain data with high scalability and security.


Our project focuses on offering support for different programming languages, providing a more versatile and flexible development environment.

Elhereum Virtual Machine

EVM is a virtual machine that runs smart contracts on Elhereum blockchain, allowing developers to create decentralized applications (dapps) using a standard set of opcodes that can interact with the blockchain.

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